is a SaaS cloud that delivers smart content services for enterprises.

Automated data visualisations straight from the cloud

We deliver beautiful real-time content for media screens!


* number of delivered content to date!

In-store marketing to boost sales and save time

Our cloud-based solution gives you the power to repurpose your existing online and social media content to engage your in-store customers. Save time and maximise the returns from your digital signage with smart digital content services.

  • Beautifully designed visualisations that stimulate in-store sales
  • Cost effective way to deliver real-time digital marketing messages into your stores.
  • Simple turn-key service for content automation that saves you time.
  • Influence, inform and engage your in-store shoppers to boost sales.
Unify your workforce by engaging visual data that keeps staff informed real-time

Our cloud-based solution, gives you the power to instantly share and visualise your business data, engaging your people and partners. Maximise the impact of your corporate communications with Smart Digital Content solutions.

  • Beautifully designed visualisations that engage and inspire your teams.
  • Unify your workforce with visual business data that keeps teams informed real-time.
  • Empower your employees with a ‘visible voice’ to share their ideas.
  • Simple turn-key service for content automation that saves you time.


The valotalive engine is a piece of art. It’s a service engine built with care to be both future proof & robust. We have selected HTML5 as our primary technology.

The valotalive layout is designed in Finland specifically for the audiences of Digital Signage. The design of the services is a combination of functionality and beauty. We turn your data into a visual story.

We have partnered with different selected partners that can provide the premium live data with global rights for our customers’ needs.

We develop our services focusing on content automation, SaaS cloud approach and scale. Valotalive is a turn key service - easy & fast to deploy with affordable pay as you go pricing model.

1 Engine 2 Visual Storytelling 3 Live Premium Content 4 Pay As You Go


rovio reference image

Peter Vesterbacka

Mighty Eagle, Rovio Ltd is an amazing tool for Brand marketing and sharing inspiring real time content.

polarn o. pyret reference image

Anne Nikula

Managing Director, Polarn O.Pyret Finland services have extended the reach of the social media to our stores. Facebook and Instagram are now an essential part of our store communication.