is a content discovery platform that makes it easy for information to find the right people

Automated data visualisations straight from the cloud

We deliver automated & real-time content for digital signage!


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Internal facing digital signage
Transform your employee engagement experience
Make it easy for information to find the right people

Our content discovery platform gives you the power to create workplace environment where your employees are empowered with constant flow of business and work related, relevant and visual real time information.

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  • Reach all your employee groups with the combination of the digital signage and mobile channels
  • Unify your workforce with visual business data that keeps teams informed real-time
  • Simple turn-key service for content automation that saves you time
  • Provide the visual landscape, a snapshot, of the current status of business to empower and engage employees
  • Engage and empower your employees by ‘making their voice visible’
Customer facing digital signage
Boost your Customer experience
Make it easy for information to find the right people

Our content discovery platform gives you the power to transform your Customer experience by using content from different sources to inform, interact and entertain your customers.

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  • The relevant information will flow to user with digital signage and mobile channels
  • Beautifully designed visualisations that stimulate in-store sales
  • Cost effective way to deliver real-time digital marketing messages into your stores
  • Simple turn-key service for content automation that saves you time
  • Influence, inform and engage your in-store shoppers to boost sales

WHY VALOTALIVE.COM? content discovery platform engine is a piece of art. It’s a service engine built with care to be both future proof & robust. We have selected HTML5 as our primary technology.

The valotalive layout is designed in Finland specifically for the audiences of Digital Signage. The design of the services is a combination of functionality and beauty. We turn your data into a visual story.

We have partnered with different selected partners that can provide the premium live data with global rights for our customers’ needs.

We develop our services focusing on content automation, SaaS cloud approach and scale. Valotalive is a turn key service - easy & fast to deploy with affordable pay as you go pricing model.

1 Engine 2 Visual Storytelling 3 Automated Real-time Content 4 Pay As You Go

An application for capturing & sharing photos and short messages from mobile phones, tablets and PCs to media screens. Our app puts the power to create content in the hands of your employees & customers.
Our platform helps you unearth nuggets of vital business information and visualise the story behind the data, making it live, stimulating and engaging.
Automate the relevant social media content to any screen in order to drive user engagement and interactivity while reducing your content management costs.
We visualise other information you might need on a case-to-case basis. Examples of such services are transportation, restaurant menu and other cool stuff.
Current & estimated weather conditions for today and estimated forecast for tomorrow with sleek design & icons. The global weather forecast data covers over 2 million local points.
Keep the content fresh, localized and relevant for the viewers. World top news brings you the latest global news headlines. Available in many languages and localised to your needs.

We help our customers to link the digital signage use cases to support their key business priorities. Our approach is very pragmatic and gives customers concrete tools to take action from best practices to playlist plan. In short we are there to make sure our customer can maximise the business impact of their Digital Signage investment.
We have strong experience of implementing digital signage networks. Based on our strong hands on experience, we can give concrete best practices that lead to success. Trust the experienced Valotalive team with your project management to make sure to reach your objectives regarding time and quality.
Content is at the core of our business. Our talented designers can give a nice customisation to an existing layout. We can also design beautiful bespoke apps to match your objectives. We know digital signage and how to design visuals that engage and inspire your target audience

rovio reference image

Peter Vesterbacka

Mighty Eagle, Rovio Ltd is an amazing tool for Brand marketing and sharing inspiring real time content.

polarn o. pyret reference image

Anne Nikula

Managing Director, Polarn O.Pyret Finland services have extended the reach of the social media to our stores. Facebook and Instagram are now an essential part of our store communication.